Experience high-speed wireless charging with the Energizer WCP109, providing rapid phone charging up to 15W. Its robust magnetic attachment is compatible with iPhone magnetic features and other smartphones with compatible magnetic cases, supporting both horizontal and vertical charging orientations. The tray feature guarantees stability for non-magnetic phones during charging. Energizer PowerSafe Management offers protection against shorts, overcurrent, and overcharge, ensuring a secure and efficient charging experience.

Wireless Fast Charge

Wireless fast charge delivers up to 15W output.


Strong Magnetic Attachment

Strong magnetic attachment compatible with iPhone Magsafe series and other smartphones with magsafe or compatible magnetic cases.


Tray Feature

The tray feature offers a stable charging solution for devices with non-magnetic charging phones.


Ultra-thin Design

Ultra-thin design made of high-quality aluminum alloy.


Charge vertically & horizontally

Compatible with both horizontal and vertical charging, allows you to seamlessly switch from portrait to landscape orientation.


PowerSafe Management

PowerSafe Management guarantees against short circuit, overcurrent, overcharge and overdischarge for your devices.

Model Name WCP109
Rated Input USB-C 5V/3A, 9V/3A
Wireless Output 15W/10/W/7.5W/5W
Dimensions 128(L) x70(W) x8.5(H) mm
Weight 111.2±10g
Package Contents
WCP109 x1
Charging Cable x1
User Manual Download