Introducing Energizer Smart Power Plug EPB4000W00EU, with the convenience of WiFi Smart App Remote Control, managing your power usage is at your fingertips, providing seamless control from your smartphone or tablet no matter where you are. Equipped with Smart Chip Protection, it guards against overloading and short circuits, ensuring secure charging. Enduring temperatures up to 850 degrees Celsius during prolonged use. The integrated LED Night Lamp function adds a touch of convenience during nighttime use. Energizer Power Plug EPB4000W00EU not just powerful, but a smart and secure charging solution, enhancing your daily power experience.

4000W AC Output

A robust power plug with a powerful 4000W AC output, catering to the charging needs of a wide range of electronic devices, from small appliances to high-power devices.


WiFi Smart App Remote Control

Equipped with a WiFi smart app, allowing convenient remote control from your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.


Smart Chip Protection

Integrated with a smart chip for multi-layered protection, guarding against overloading, short circuits, and other issues to ensure the secure charging of connected devices.


Anti-flaming 850°C

Featuring anti-flaming capabilities to withstand temperatures of up to 850 degrees Celsius, ensuring safety during extended usage.


LED Night Lamp

Includes an LED night lamp function, providing soft illumination for your space and added convenience during nighttime use.

Model Name EPB4000W00EU
Rated Parameter AC 100-250V 4000W 16A Max
Input AC 100-250V 50/60Hz Max 16A
Power Surge 190 Joules surge protection
Dimension 91.5*46.5*67.5mm
Weight 71.3g ± 5g
WiFi Frequency 2.4GHz
Package Contents
EPB4000W00EU x1
User Manual x1