Charging solution on-the-go
Energizer ® UE10004 power bank with functional designed backpack is the perfect charging solution when you are on-the-go. Charging at 2.1A with dual outputs and one detachable cable, UE10004 can charge for your smartphone up to 3 times and more. Built-in USB-A output locates on the side of the backpack can easily charge your essential devices without holding the power bank, the luggage strap keeps your backpack steadily placed on top of your luggage/suitcase, giving you the hands-free experience during your travel. Energizer powersafe management is airport friendly and guarantees safety fake taschen kaufen and protection for you and your device.

Cable Management

Charge and recharge your power bank and devices directly.


Dual Outputs

2 USB output ports allow you to charge two devices at once.


High Capacity

10000mAh capacity charges a standard smartphone up to 3 times.


Fast Charging

2.1A output provides fast charging to your devices safely.

Model name EPB001
Dimensions 45 x 29 x 12 cm
Weight 700g
Power Bank
Model name UE10004
Capacity 10000mAh
Battery Cell Lithium Polymer
Input 5V, 2.0A
Output 5V, 2.4A (MAX.)
Dimensions 147x 76 x 15 mm
Weight 240g ± 10g
Package Contents
EPB001 x1
UE10004 x1